Month: August 2008

  • Jax Snow & Light Pink

    Yet two new colours for the Jax Latex outfit. The new colours is Snow (white) and light pink. Maybe not so unexpected  really *^_^* . This release will complete the current X-colour range for the Jax Latex oufit. So come drop by the mainstore, inside the Latex Chamber of course.

  • Shield – New colours

    Hey hello, we have new colours for you wrapped in a bow For a swimsuit from before, with nice colours for sure Two to be exact,¬† hoping to attract the guys or girls who whirls and swirls So come on down to the store, and take a tour and sorry for the rhyme, but I […]

  • JaX Palatinate Purple & Midnight Blue

  • The Latex Chamber

    The Latex section has got its own Room in the main store. As The LateX collection (and my urge to build something again ^_^) has grown, So I decided to build its very own section. I call the new room “the Latex Chamber” (so you can take a guess on what the room will mainly […]

  • JaX

    Finally we got something new in the latex department (about time huh?) ^_^ . This time it’s an outfit with a top with high neck collar (sculpted), Pants with semitransparent stripes on the side and a jacket with sculpted collar and a belt. As usual there are alot of combination posibilities and some exta layer. […]