Month: February 2014

  • Evo & Tango appliers update

    Several Latex models have been updated with a New breast implant  appliers. This new applier system now support vString Evo and Lolas Tango (also some of the older models/brands).   Here follows a list of these models: LaceX SintaX StraX PanaX Xira Xori Xonirated XAna Due

  • LaceX Special Edition vol. 2

    Five new colours, that is what it is. But that is not the only thing that is new. In all LaceX models we have included a new Breast implant applier that has support for: vString (Classic & Evo) Lolas (Push-up & Natural & Tango) eCorps/eBoobs (nat, overfilled & Animé) mused (Milk Made) Icon Implant Nation […]