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Current Main store @ Deaths Head

(Dec 2010- )

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Store at AbFab (Sim: Lag Free)

(Main store Sep. 07 – Dec. 2010) Closed

AW Abfab 01

The AW HQ since september 2007 when we moved here from Eden Valley to Build a own Mall (Absalutely Fabulous Galleria) together with my best friend Fee of Fickle Fee. This would be the 4th place for the Main Store, but all the old one does still exist, except for one.

AbFab Poster 02 AbFab Poster 03 AbFab Poster 04

Store at Eden Valley

(Main Store may’07-sep’07)

When The Club Eden Revue Moved to their own SIM from Immortal Woman He, we moved here too and closed the old one.

Main store Eden Valley Main store Eden ValleyMain store Eden Valley

Store at Immortal Woman He

(Main Store mar’07-may’07) Closed


Store at Laguna Bay

(Main Store feb’07-mar’07) Closed

Main store Laguna 02What can I say… My first attempt on building a house, and it didn’t came out that bad did it? ^_^ Well it started in the end of February, when Martin, The owner of Laguna Bay, wondered if I wanted to rent a parcel to build a store on. And I was like, “Gee what am I going fill it with?”. At that time I hadn’t been in business for very long, and I maybe had 10 items tops, so let’s say it was very open store at the beginning ^_^. Many thanks to Tempting Paisley for helping this building newbie out a bit *hugs*.

Main store Laguna 01 Main store Laguna 02