Shoe Guide

(This guide demands that you have a basic knowledge on how to move, scale/stretch and/or Rotate a prim and basic camera movements)

1 Adjust the shoe

Before you start to scale and edit the shoes, make sure that you always have a back up copy in case something goes wrong.


Use the included pose stand (or some other pose stand where the legs are straight down). This will prevent you from moving while you are adjusting the shoes. Make sure that the following preferences are set in the Edit Window (see picture): Stretch both sides and Ruler is sett to World.

Move the camera close to the shoe by holding down the Alt-key and the left mouse button over the shoes and move around until you find a good angle of the shoes.

When in stretch mode (by choosing it in the edit menu or holding down ctrl+Shift) and carefully drag the white small cubes that are in each corner of a invisible box around the shoe. Carefully drag it outwards to make the shoe bigger or inwards to shrink it. When you believe to have a good size you might have to move the shoe up or down a bit.

You do not really need to use Rotation in the basic adjusting of the shoes!

1.1 Adjusting straps

Sometimes the strap(s) need to be adjusted to fit the foot better (although most of the time it is not needed if the shoe was scaled and moved in place correctly). The straps that can easily be adjusted is the half circle straps. Again the Stretch both sides have to be checked. Choose the coloured (red, green or blur) box that is in front of the strap in scale mode and again just drag it outwards or inwards carefully.

2 Scripted Shoe Menu

adjustshoes02_menuThere is a scripted version of the shoe. It has a couple of optional functions: Walk sound, walk animation and Shoe Print. There are 2 ways to access the menu: Touch/click the scripted shoe (the right shoe) OR type /1 shoe in the chat bar.

2.1 Walk sound

The walk sound is just what it sounds like (^_^), it play a sound when you are walking. In the walk sound menu [Sound] you will find 12 buttons. Buttons numbered from 1 (lowest volume) to 10 (highest) which set the volume of the walk sound, a button that turns off the sound and a back button that takes you back to the main menu.

2.2 Walk animation

This sets a Walking animation that plays when you are walking. To turn off the Walk animation press the [No Animation]-Button in the Walk animation menu [walk Anim].

2.2.1 Add your own walk animations*

There is one Default animation in the in the Shoes/boots. You can Add your own walk animation into the shoes/boots content by dropping the walk animation to the shoes Inventory. You Might have to rezz the Scripted foot part on the ground to do so.

* Only in The Manchi Boots and the Svansjo Shoes.

2.3 Shoe Print

This function will make shoe prints on the ground that match the sole of the shoes/boots. if the rate of the shoe print are too fast, press [ >> ] for longer rate. if it is too slow press [ << ] for shorter rate.
Note that this function will only work on land that allow rezzing of objects. This function can also create alot of lag, so don’t use it at SIM/islands/simulators the experience heavy lagg.

IMPORTANT! Do not unlink any prims or Link new prims to the shoe with the scripts in. It can make the script stop working correctly. Edit the shoe at your own risk. And again: always take  a back up copy before you start.