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  • XAna Due

    Sometimes one thing leads to another… all I was suppose to do was to add Prim breast support For XAna… at the end I had redone almost every texture and added a lot more details to the attachments. I also took the liberty to add support for Open Collar for those who want that (optional). […]

  • XAna & CourtX – new colours

    As requested a while ago, I have made the two last colours from the Latex X-series for the XAna latex cocktail dress and CourtX Shoes. XAna and CourtX in palatinate purple and midnight blue are up now. Beside the new purple and blue colour for the CourtX, I have added 2 additional colours: lipstick red […]

  • XAna Snow & Light Pink

    Well maybe this is not  such a big surprise after I released the CourtX shoes in White and Pink last week.  Introducing the new XAna Latex cocktail dress in both white (Snow) and light Pink to match your shoes! Aren’t they cute? ^_^ Get them in the Main Store at AbFab