Refund, custom work, invitation and more

1. Refund Policy

We only give refunds on items with transferable permission and only in a period of time of 24 hours after your purchase. If we are not available to contact send a offline IM or a notecard (preferable) with your name, what date and time you purchased it at and where you purchased it, and we will try to answer you as soon as we can  (the time stamp for the IM are the one that count to get refund).

If you have bought  an item, that is not transferable, twice (or more) you are eligible for a refund on the duplicate  purchases but within 24 hours of the first purchase of the item (due too administration issues). It’s your responsibility to  report that you have purchased the same, not transferable, item multiple times! We can not keep track of who bought what item twice.

2. Delivery Failure

If your items you bought doesn’t get delivered. Wait at least 10-20 minutes in case it’s just a delay due to lag (It’s SL we are talking about after all ^_^) . If it still hasn’t showed up, clear the cache and relog (one of all those bugs I guess).

If that doesn’t help, please contact me and I will get back to you ASAP…

2.1 How to clear the Cache

Open the Preferences window (menu>edit>preferences… OR Ctrl+P). Choose the Network tab and press the ‘clear Cache’ button.
The Cache-file will be cleared the next time you start Second Life.

3. Custom Work

We don’t make Custom work due to lack of time. Although if  you have some request on other colours on the Items we are already providing, Send a IM or Notecard  to Adrina Welders, and we will see what we can do (but we can’t promise anything).

4. Mall Invitation

I am not really looking to expand at the moment. But U can drop a Notecard anyway. You have to meet following requirements or I will kindly decline your offer:

  • No Campers or Bots
  • No Commission sale
  • No Heavy BDSM places
  • Preferable well built place

4.1 Affiliate

AW Design have no Affiliate program and as it looks now we are not planing on get one.